We create products that are created with your mental health and body function in mind, drinks that can help you get through your day with sustaining energy and support mental health.


I chose to create Radical Roast when caffeinated morning drinks weren’t an option for me anymore. Caffeine and acidic drinks were harming my body in a way I couldn’t continue to ignore. I wanted something with robust flavor and nutritive benefits, a daily drink that didn’t add any more stress and toxins to my body

I loved coffee but couldn’t drink it anymore. Like, I really loved it. Drank a large iced coffee with extra shots in it every single day. One in the morning and another one in the afternoon. Just to “get through my day”, I thought. Did that for most of my adult life. Ignoring my sour stomach. Ignoring my body’s actual exhaustion. Until I was pumped up enough to work-to feel ok about working a job that didn’t suit me. Until I was running on adrenaline and caffeine and crashing hard and exhausted but still going through the motions. And then one day I just felt fried. Done. Beyond anxious. I felt depleted. On edge yet deflated. I had to quit it all-the coffee in the morning included-just to see if it would make a difference. It did.

After the 3 days of withdrawal headaches and foggy days, I felt a little better, still drained but not on pins and needles. Calm. Clear. I knew I didn’t want to drink coffee anymore-well as much as I wanted to-I knew I couldn’t. It was a means to an end, but at what cost? So I spent my days drinking decaf tea and making my own teas and then trying herbal coffees that I wasn’t super stoked on so I started making my own. I played with flavor combos and plants revered for their natural energy boosting capabilities. I enjoyed the ritual of it, like I enjoyed the ritual of making coffee. I made it every day for years and loved it. My friends loved it. People started asking for it. So I started making it more and more. And that’s how Radical Roast was born, just out of the need for something knew that I wasn’t seeing. Radical Roast led to Radical Foods, a company I created to offer drinks and treats that I don't see available.

Radical Foods was started with the idea that a company can create products

& give back

& use ingredients that pay people a fair wage.

Radical Foods is about creating products that are ethically sourced, making sure all parties involved are receiving living wages. With each purchase, you positively impact ethical farming and social justice organizations.

10% of profits go Directly to organizations working for social change.

Let me know if there’s one you’d like to see us donate to!

currently donating to wild diversity

All RadiCal Foods products are vegan & gluten free

About the Owner:

Hi I’m Nicole. I am the proud creator/owner/operator/mixer/packager/deliverer etc of Radical Foods. I am a cook, herbalist, & thrift store, pop culture, plant, & Shih Tsu enthusiast. I am so happy to share my creations with you and thank you for stopping by.

Email me with comments/testimonials/questions at radicalfoodspdx@gmail.com

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